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Plot 4094 Nduwulira Road, Kira Municipal Council.

Afya Bora Foods Launches Fresh Website

In a bid to improve our presence in the digital space, Afya Bora Foods Ltd hired the services of E-zone Web Services to build a new an improved website to suit current trends. As it has been our strategy to deliver what other promise, it was inevitable that we up our online presence in order to serve local and international clients better.

The new and faster website will be used to update clients on our products while giving them an easy way to get to us through email, the contact page and social media in timely fashion.

The new contact us page.

The new website also features an improved page about us, our history and what drives us in our promise to deliver fresh, organically grown products that suit the international market.

A precise page about our products that can be visited on all devices including desktops, tabs and mobile is also on the menu giving visitors fast access to what they need most and a quick link to contact us.

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